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Everything you need to know before putting your dog to sleep

Euthanasia, which is another name for good death, refers to a deliberate intervention that is carried out to relieve suffering or pain that can’t be managed adequately or cured. Euthanasia is an extremely difficult decision that you will have to make at some point if you have a dog. The overriding emotion will tell you to “do the right thing”, to fulfill your responsibility and commitment as a friend and caretaker. Although, in time you might look back at this decision and have conflicting emotions of guilt or comfort, especially in the early stages.

Should you wait until your beloved dog passes away at home peacefully?

It is quite tempting to think that instead of having your dog euthanized, it would be better to keep your dog at home and let nature take its course and wait for them to pass away peacefully during their sleep. However, even if they are very ill, natural death can still take a long period of time to arrive. In the meantime, your pet will be in severe pain, unable to drink or eat resulting in dehydration and malnutrition, inconsistent breathing, and more. Undoubtedly some species do die comfortably and peacefully at home. However, this is only possible if there is excellent hospice care provided to them with the right expertise.

Is there a right time to put your dog to sleep?

As a thumb rule, it would be better to perform euthanasia as soon as possible instead of waiting too long. Waiting excessively will lead to unnecessary suffering. Deciding the right time for dog euthanasia or cat euthanasia is a personal decision that can only be made by you and your family. However, you should also examine your pet and what they are telling you through their behaviour and demeanor.
You’ll need to discuss the condition of your dog or cat with your vet as often as possible. Always ask for advice and keep them updated about the latest signs and stages that should be looked at. Informing your vet about the condition and what they should look out for will help decide the appropriate time for euthanasia. This minimizes the amount of suffering endured by your pet. For example, it might be when they stop eating or cannot exercise without difficulty in breathing.

How much will it cost to put your dog/cat to sleep?

Keep in mind that if you opt to put dog to sleep, you will have to spend a fee for not just the vet’s time but also for the drugs involved. This fee will vary from practice to practice and will depend on the size of the dogs. We are available to help with any price inquiries for dog or cat euthanasia, here at Village Vets. Drop in to any of our 11 clinics or give us a call. A few practices also include the cost of cremation in the fee while most of them don’t. It is also worth mentioning that it is typically more expensive to put your dog to sleep in your own home or during out-of-hours emergency clinic than in daytime veterinary practice. We can provide you with quote for these services at any clinic or by phone.

How to go through with the dog cremation?

There are many dog crematoriums, most of which offer visits for pet owners as well as other services like memorial jewellery. Many of them will include the services of one particular crematorium that have developed a relationship over an extensive period of time. In general, a dog crematorium collects the dog bodies from the practice for cremation. While you can enlist the services of a different crematorium, it will be sensible if you discuss this with your vets first.

Village Vets: A comfortable place to put your furry friend to sleep

At Village Vets, we are more than just your regular vets. We are a place where we treat your pets with all the care and comfort needed. We have some of the best vets in Ireland who are experienced when it comes to all matters with pets, including euthanasia.

We provide a stunning pet health plan that comes with a lot of perks to make sure your pet lives a healthy and fruitful life. Our services even extend to the not-so-good times for your pet. During dire situations, we will be right beside you to provide the support you and your pet need. We have specialists who will provide the best advice you on the euthanasia while we’ll also provide the right arrangements for cat or dog cremation.

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