In case of an emergency, you should do what it takes to rush your pet to your closest vet clinic. But, in case you need first aid for your pet even before you are able to reach out to your emergency vet in Dublin, the following tips will come to your rescue:

How to deal with pet poisoning?

If you fear that your pet’s skin or eyes have been exposed to a toxic or poisonous product, like cleaning products with chemicals commonly used in homes; then make sure to clean the exposed areas on your pet’s body with clean water. You must also make it a point to read out the instructions on the product container or bottle and follow them precisely. But, if your pet has started having seizures or lost consciousness after consuming something toxic, then you should immediately consult your vet clinic for the right treatment. Before leaving for your emergency vet, make sure to note your pet’s symptoms and the product details for an effective and well informed treatment.

How to tackle your pet during seizures?

If your pet is having seizures, the first thing you need to do is to remove any sharp or harmful object around it. When your pet is having seizures do not go close to it or try to restrain it in any way. Once the seizure is stopped, you can go close to your pet and try to keep it warm and calm as much as possible. Finally, take your pet to a veterinary clinic and consult your vet to start the right treatment as soon as possible.

Pet first aid for bleeding

If your pet has started bleeding after an external injury, then you must use a thick gauze pad to press over the wound until the blood starts to clot. It will usually take 2-3 minutes for the bleeding to stop, so until then you should maintain the pressure on the wound. If your pet is still bleeding profusely and you found the wound to be serious, then you should visit an emergency vet clinic for the best possible pet first aid.

Pet first aid for burns

If the burn on your pet’s body is due to a chemical, then you must first muzzle your pet and then splash water on the burn to relieve your pet. But, the burn on your pet’s body is of severe nature then you must use ice water compress to the affected area.

What to do if your pet is choking?

If you find your pet to be choking then you need to be extra cautious while taking it in your hands, as a choking pet is quite prone to bite you in fear. If you can visibly see an object in your pet’s mouth that has triggered the choking, then try and carefully remove it with the help of something like tweezers. If your pet is having no difficulty in breathing, then you need not panic and just book an appointment with your emergency vet. But, your pet is losing consciousness due to choking, and then you must try and dislodge the object.

You can either put quick pressure on your pet’s rib cage with both your hands firmly placed on it, or you can strike your pet’s rib cage three to four times by laying it on one side. Doing any of these will make sure that the air gets pushed out of the lungs and your pet’s breathing is not disrupted, along with increasing the chances of getting out the object from your pet’s mouth. If any of this first aid tactics still doesn’t help then you must waste no time and take your pet to your emergency vet in Dublin.

Even after giving pet first aid by yourself, you must still visit your vet, as first aid is not a substitute for proper vet care. Pet first aid can help save your pet’s life by bringing it out of danger, but the followed treatment required for your pet’s well being is only possible when you take it to a trusted vet near you. Call Emergency Vets to book an appointment for your wounded or injured pet now!

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